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    “It’s no longer about the weight you lose, but about the health you gain.”

    —Sima Sistani, WeightWatchers CEO


    Weight Loss = Health Gains

    The benefits of medical weight loss go far beyond the scale. Here’s what happens when you lose:


    Better blood pressure; lower cholesterol; fertility improves in those with PCOS


    5 - 10%

    Blood sugar lowers reducing the risk of diabetes; arthritis-related joint pain eases


    Sleep apnea improves; fatty liver disease improves

    WeightWatchers is also heavily involved in research in the following fields: advanced rapid diagnostic reagents, rapid molecular diagnostic platforms, the development and preparation of antibodies for several illnesses, small molecular antigen synthesis, and genetic engineering. Also, WeightWatchers is committed to the research and production of in vitro diagnostic reagents and related POCT analyzer products (such as colloidal gold rapid detection reagents), quantitative determination of chemiluminescent immunoassay reagents, and bioactive materials. More than 100 products in 9 series have been successfully developed and are currently marketed, including but not limited to: pregnancy tests, DOA tests, infectious disease tests, tumor marker tests, cardiac marker tests, food safety tests, biochemical reagent series, allergy tests, integrated instruments, and reagents.

    WeightWatchers products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and America. In particular, our drug detection reagents have won wide praise, dominating more than 60% of the market share in some European countries.

    Our team:


    Our mission is to provide excellent IVD healthcare products that satisfy the needs of our customers and help contribute to the health of humanity as a whole.
    WeightWatchers accomplishes this by utilizing cutting-edge science, innovative thinking, and reliable technology. Our labs employ efficient but continuously monitored and improved quality control systems, ensuring that everything we produce will help us achieve our mission. Natravor Biotech has a vision to be the leading provider of IVD products, and in many cases around the globe, we have met and continue to maintain that vision.

    Company Awards

    • Providing High-quality Healthcare
    • Driving Innovation & Research
    • Global Expansion & Community Engagement
    • Sustainable Development:
    • Patient Satisfaction & Experience

    1600 SW Napharm Rd,Gainesville, FL, United States, Florida
    Email: service@natravor.com